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6810. Floating Market in Thailand. Mmmmm. SO much food and fun! Wish my stomach can be big enough to fill with all that fooooood.


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6810. Floating Market in Thailand. Mmmmm. SO much food and fun! Wish my stomach can be big enough to fill with all that fooooood.


You can view the entire Island of Hashima on Google street view

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Northern women sewing for North American moccasin project: 600 moccasin tops being sewn in memory of missing, murdered indigenous women

Women from across the North are stitching up a storm to prepare for a massive art project. They are part of a group that’s making more than 600 pairs of moccasin tops in memory of Canada’s missing and murdered indigenous women. The beaded works will be displayed as part of a travelling art installation project called Walking with our Sisters. Each pair of moccasins symbolizes the unfinished life of a missing or murdered woman.

Métis artist Christi Belcourt started the project. She said so far, more than 200 pairs have come in. “I’m always emotionally moved when a new pair comes in because I realize that one pair represents a women or a girl,” said Belcourt. “People are really putting their love in the work. You can feel it when you hold it in your hand.” The moccasin tops will be shown in a winding path on gallery floors. The first exhibition of the moccasin tops will open in Haida Gwaii in B.C. on Aug. 20.

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So, to all of you who follow me and who are not from Brazil, you should read this, and please reblog, if you can.

These are some photos of what is happening to our country today. São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro are facing protest all over the cities. To fight for their rights. Our country is living a hidden dictatorship. The protests started because the bus fee raised 20 brazilian cents. Which doesn’t seem that much, but you all should know that millions of brazilians live with a monthly income of no more than 700 brazilian reais (something like 350 american dollars). Some people live and raise families with that money. Monthly. To these people, $0,20 for each bus means a lot.

But the thing is: what initially was intended to be a protest against the bus fee turned into a protest against the dictatorial government. A government that every year, steals millions of dollars of their people, in their own benefit. A government so corrupt, the population got used to it, and make jokes about it. In this country, a school teacher has a yearly income of $8400. The governors, on the other side, earn, for the same time, about $300.000. To work less. And they don’t even show up to work. And besides that salary, they steal.

And now, people are going to the streets. And the response is photographed. The government is brutally attacking everyone. I mean everyone. Protesters, pedestrians, reporters, photographers. Everyone. For no reason. They just attack. And bomb. And hurt.

The media is absolutely corrupted. The brazilian media makes it look like a violent act, that has to be fought with equal violence. That is a lie. 15 thousand people are going to the streets of Sao Paulo with no guns, no fire, no weapons. And they are being hurt, persecuted, and arrested. Some of them have to pay bail fees up to $20.000.

If you came all the way down here, please, reblog this. Help making the world know what is really going on here. This country, this beautiful country, with beautiful beaches, and women, and music, is now screaming in protest. This is the country in which the World Cup will be in 2013. A country that worries about the World Cup much more than it worries about the welfare of its citizens.

It’s sad being here. But we’re fighting.

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Holy Land USA
Waterbury, Connecticut 

Holy Land USA was once an 18 acre Bible-themed park located in Waterbury, Connecticut. The park had about 40,000 visitors a year until it closed in 1984 for renovations. Holy Land USA never opened back up again due to the death of owner John Greco in 1986. It has been abandoned ever since. The abandoned acres of the theme park have been watched over by groups of nuns for decades, but the place keeps getting more and more creepy as the park continues to deteriorate. 

On top of the vandalism and eeriness the park gives off, a teenager was murdered on these abandoned grounds in 2010. Since then police records have shown that the amount of trespassers have been decreasing which just means abandoned Holy Land USA is as creepy and deserted as ever.



I WISH I COULD. you have to go around 3am, it’s when demons supposedly hang around churches and christian-y places like this.

actually it’s a good thing i can’t come with because i would probably cry lol

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Montaña Mágica Lodge

Deep in southern Chile lies the Montaña Mágica Lodge (Magic Mountain Lodge). An extraordinary hotel hidden in the center of a 300,000 acre private nature reserve. The small, 13 room hotel is built in the shape of a volcano that spews water instead of lava. The exterior is covered in rainforest moss and vines and its entrance is only accessible via a suspended, swinging rope bridge. The outdoor hot tubs are carved from the trunks of giant trees. The lodge is located in Los Rios which is within the stunning Huilo-Huilo Unesco biosphere reserve, 242 square miles of lush nature, filled with wildlife.

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Zhangjiajie National Park Forest

Narrow sandstone pillars, some over 650 feet high, fill the Zhangjiajie National Forest Park in Hunan Province, China. The park is one of several within the Wulingyuan Scenic and Historic Interest Area, a UNESCO World Heritage site. Cable cars and an incredible elevator attached to the side of a giant pillar are available to see the incredible sites. The surreal alien landscape and scenery looks like the set from the movie Avatar. This is not a coincidence.

According to park officials, photographs from Zhangjiajie inspired the floating Hallelujah Mountains seen in the film. One of the park’s quartz-sandstone pillars, the 3,540 foot Southern Sky Column (third picture), has been officially renamed “Avatar Hallelujah Mountain.” 

Source 1, 2

When I was there a honey-seller showed me her jars of snow-white honey, something that crept into my Sherlock Holmes story THE CASE OF DEATH AND HONEY. A really beautiful, haunting place.

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This little company from Kenya makes toys from slippers that wash up on the beach. Pictures by Ben Curtis

honestly this is beyond adorable

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"Dear Prime Minister, You have done a great favour to us today, of which you are not aware. I’ve seen a Galatasaray (football team) fan picking up a Fenerbahçe (another football team) fan off of the street who fell against the police, to whom you have ordered to kill. I’ve seen students sharing their water and bread with each other; Kurds and Turks walking hand in hand. I’ve seen women, whom you call whores, coming out of the brothel to give lemons and water to those who were injured. I’ve seen people, whom you call transvestites, opening their hotel rooms for refuge; I’ve seen lawyers and doctors sharing their phones, medical students responding in emergencies. I’ve seen elderly ladies giving out clothes soaked in vinegar. I’ve seen shopkeepers sharing their wireless network passwords, hotel owners taking injured in to their lobbies. I’ve seen a bus driver blocking the road to prevent the panzer from entering. I’ve seen pharmacists opening their shops at night. And rest assured, tonight our eyes were filled with tears not because of the teargas you ordered to be fired but because of pride."

Open letter from the Turkish citizens to the prime minister.

Thousands of people are protesting against the government right now because of the violence and injustice they’ve been subjected to when they were peacefully protesting against government’s decision to cut down the trees and demolish a park.

Please share and let the world know that these people will not stand this torment and injustice anymore. They are chanting “We’ll have revolution!” and “Government resign!” and courageously resisting the police against the tear gas and physical brutality.

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You should have heard by now from the news and at twitter about what happened in my country… 


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Summer in Florida



Oh wow look at what a lovely summer day in the glorious sunshine state, I can’t wait to step outside and enjoy the-


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In Turkey, at least 100 injured as police use teargas, water cannons against protesters at Gezi Park:

“These people will not bow down to you” — protest banner 

Police raided the camps of demonstrators at dawn on Friday. The demonstrators have been in the park for days to protest plans to build a shopping mall. Clouds of teargas rose around Taksim Square, a historic venue for political protest in the country. 

Two Tumblrs are claiming to collect unconfirmed pictures of the protests: resistaksim.tumblr.com and occupygezipics.tumblr.com.

Protests began on Monday after developers destroyed trees in the park. It has since widened into a demonstration against Prime Minister Tayyip Erdogan political party, perceived policy brutality,  and the government’s stance on Syria.

The Istanbul Medical Chamber said at least 100 people sustained minor injuries, some when a wall collapsed as they tried to flee teargas. Amnesty International said it was concerned by what it described as “the use of excessive force” by the police.

Continue reading: http://reut.rs/18DxojA

Photos: Reuters photographers Osman Orsal and Murad Sezer

In Istanbul this morning… 

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